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Transaction Coordinator

Hire a transaction coordinator from Kenico Global and get a dedicated person for all your real estate needs. A transaction coordinator or a TC assists a real estate agent in all his administrative duties during a transaction, from contact to closing. The main duties of a TC are : Opening Escrow, organizing inspections, manage repair negotiations and completion of repairs.

Job Description -

  • Inform the home seller about all the aspects of home selling process.
  • Educate the home seller all advantages of employing an agent or a broker.
  • Authenticate the competence of the real estate broker
  • Review and explain the pricing strategy and market value
  • Discuss and explain the marketing strategy to promote the home to prospective buyers
  • Proactively find multiple solutions and deals for the seller
  • Close the deal with the buyer
  • Handling the pricing Conversation
  • Obtain full knowledge of sale contracts, deeds their proper use and the brokerage deal flow at large
  • Work with escrow or attorneys to push the transactions forward by forming the suitable contracts as directed
  • Work with both the seller and the buyer during the whole sale and due diligence process and arrange all necessary signatures and documents
  • Follow up with the attorney or the escrow and have all completed documents ready by the due dates
  • Keep the transaction flow smooth, orderly and organized as directed
  • Check and ensure that all the documents, contracts and files are fully executed and in compliance with the brokerage policies before transferring them to the next party
  • Read and vet all non-brokerage contacts to make sure that they are in compliance with the polices
  • Manage financing and loans through lenders
  • Maintain and retain all the transaction files as per the state requirements
  • Co-operate and work with team office manager. Send all closed files to team manager for retention purpose
  • Send all the closing documents needed by brokerage to the team office manager to ensure commission payment. Supervise all phases of sellers’ transactions from opening contact to executed purchase agreement.

Additional Responsibilities of a Transaction Coordinator: -

  • Provide weekly feedback to home sellers about all showings and marketing activities.
  • Coordinate all broker and public open houses
  • Update all the listing information into MLS and marketing websites
  • Deliver all the vital documents needed for file compliance to the office broker
  • Update all the important and needed information on transaction management system and client database
  • Manage and prepare listing materials like Listing Agreement, Seller’s Disclosure Agreement, Comparative marketing Analysis, take out the online property profile, research old multiple listing and much more
  • Transaction Coordinator (Contract to Closing)

  • Supervise all phases of buyer & seller transactions from executed purchase agreement to closing
  • Manage and coordinate title/escrow, mortgage loan and appraisal processes.
  • Coordinate inspections, aid in repair negotiations, and coordinate completion of repairs.
  • Consistently update & maintain communication with clients, agents, title officer, lender etc
  • Manage and submit all necessary documents to office broker for compliance filing
  • Organize and coordinate possession schedules.
  • Schedule, organize & attend closing process.
  • Update all client information into client database system