Outbound Call Center Services / Market Research and Survey

Market Research and Survey

Kenico Global offers professional customer and market research programs delivered by a dedicated team of specialists. With technologies and updated data, our team can quickly canvas numerous accounts, generating valuable survey for any market-driven company.

Outbound market research and survey is the best way to understand your consumers and helps bring a superior product or service. Our services are aimed at delivering top marketing research data and get all the market statistics for your organization.

  • Comprehensive data established on detailed web-based research or secondary research
  • Tracking data from consumers via a questionnaire and online surveys
  • Complete research report in tables and easy to understand graph with clear results outlined
  • Final presentation in format you require MS excel, power point presentation or Word/pdf

All the research is performed after having a detailed discussion with you and capturing the exact requirements and expectations from the survey. Kenico Global’s Market Research and Survey offers superior statistics and better accuracy that aids you to take the best decisions for your business.