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The terms and conditions of this platform will govern your use of this site. Such terms will be applicable completely and impact your use of this website. While usage of this website, you agreed to accept all terms and conditions set out herein. If you show dissent with any of these Standard Terms and Conditions, you must not use this Website.

People under the age of 18 are not permitted to use this website.

Intellectual property rights

Kenico Global and/or its licensors own all the intellectual property rights and resources found in this website under these Terms, apart from the content you owned.

You will only be accorded a limited license to view the material on this website.


You are explicitly restricted to all of the following:

  1. 01. Sale, sub-licensing and/or otherwise marketing of any material on the Website
  2. 02. Use of this Website in any manner that is or might be harmful to this Website
  3. 03. To publish any material of this Website in some other media
  4. 04. Public display and/or presentation of any content of the Website
  5. 04. Use of this Website under any way that harms the access of users to this Website
  6. 04. Use of this website for advertisement or marketing purposes
  7. 04. To indulge in any data mining, data extraction, data harvesting or other similar act in conjunction with this Website
  8. 04. Use of this Website antithetical to relevant laws and rules, or in any way harmful to the Website or to any individual or institution

Some areas of this Website restrict you from access and Kenico Global may also restrict your access to any fields of this Website at any time, in sole discretion. Any username and password that you may have for this website are private and secure.

Your content

In these terms & conditions, “Your Content" means any video, audio, graphics or images or other components that you like to showcase on this Website. By showing Your Content, you authorize Kenico Global to use, replicate, modify, accommodate, publish, translate and disseminate it in any and all media.

Your content must not be copyrighted. Kenico Global reserves the right to delete any of your content of this website at any time without any notification.

No warranty

With all flaws, this Website is given "as is" and Kenico Global makes no promises or assurances of any kind pertaining to this Website or the materials found on this Website. Nothing on this website shall be construed as giving you advice.

Limitation of liability

In no case shall Kenico Global, or any of its owners, directors and staff, be held responsible for anything that occurs from or in any way linked with your use of this Site, regardless of whether such responsibility is under contract. Kenico Global, together with its personnel, directors and staff, shall not be responsible for any ambiguous, consequential or unique liability arising from or in any way connected with your use of this Website.


You hereby compensate Kenico Global to the fullest capacity for and against any and/or all liabilities, fees, lawsuits, causes of action, losses and expenditure in connection with your violation of any of these Terms.


When, under any applicable law, any clause of these Terms is determined to be unconstitutional, those clauses shall be omitted without impacting the remaining terms.

Variation of terms

Kenico Global is entitled to review these Terms at any time as appropriate, and you are intended to review these Terms on a continuous basis by using this Website.


Without notification, Kenico Global may allocate, transfer and outsource its rights and/or obligations under these Terms. Though, under these terms, you are not permitted to allocate, transfer or outsource any of your rights and/or obligations.

Entire agreement

These Terms represent the entire deal between you and Kenico Global regarding your use of this Website, and overrides all prior treaties and contracts.

Governing law and jurisdiction

These Terms shall be regulated and defined in accordance with the laws of the State of Maharashtra, and you shall append to the non-exclusive authority of the state and federal courts in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India for the settlement of any conflicts.