Outbound Call Center Services

Increase sales and strengthen your customer service with Specialty’s outbound call center services. In addition to lead generation services like appointment setting and telemarketing, we can work on the customer service side as well with programs like market research and outbound surveys. We’ve been helping businesses of all sizes for over 30 years.

What can an outbound call center do?

Specialty’s outbound call center service can do the same outbound tasks your own staff can do – with a much lower price tag. From cold-calling potential leads to following up on market research and trying to win back previously lost sales, our call center agents are outbound warriors. Similar to your own staff, our agents are trained in the art of sales. We can utilize up-selling and cross-selling techniques to help maximize a sale. However, where your staff eventually needs to call it quits for the day, our agents are available 24/7. If your business is national, or even global, then you’ll surely have customers in different time zones. If your in-office staff can only reach out during certain hours, you’re going to have a hard time connecting with customers. Our agents have the ability to reach a larger client base simply by being available around the clock.

Is outsourcing to an outbound call center affordable?

Our outbound services are an affordable, cost effective alternative to hiring more staff to accomplish the same goals. To put it simply, hiring is expensive. From adding more personnel to your payroll, to expanding your office space to be able to fit more staff, the bigger your staff and office gets, the more money you wind up spending. The secret to growth is that you need to find a call center hat can help not only with customer service but with growth. Outsourcing your outbound services to Kenico helps keep your circle small, while giving off big business vibes. Additionally, the more money you save means more money in your budget to reinvest in the growth of your business.

Lets see the Features :

Lead Generation Call Center Service

Before a business is able to capture a lead, they need to generate a lead, and utilizing our Lead generation call center services to do this is a great approach. Simply provide our agents a list of potential leads you have compiled and we can call through to determine who would like more information, and who is just not interested.

Customer Win-Back Services

No matter how great your business is, you’re going to lose customers from time to time. However, there are always opportunities to win them back. Whether you’re offering a new promotion, another free trial, or can offer some other type of incentive, our Customer Win back services is a call out to old customers for you to try to get them back as paying customers. If they’re truly uninterested, our agents can pass the feedback along to your team so you can take them off your distribution list.

Call Center Surveys and Market Research Services

In order to attract more customers, you need to know what consumers are interested in. The only way to do this, is to research the market they’re shopping in. Through outbound calling, our call center surveys and market research services can scope the market for you to collect feedback, which you can use to help attract more customers.

B2B Telemarketing

While robocalls and bad timing has given telemarketing a bad rep, it’s actually a helpful tool many businesses use to target new customers. As productive as telemarketing is, it’s a resource hog. That’s why many businesses look to outsource B2B Telemarketing calls to an outbound call center like SAS. Simply upload your list of leads, and our agents will do the rest.

Understanding Back Office Outsourcing Services?

To Simplify, back office outsourcing services is subcontracting a company to acquire manpower for you. These staff recruited and hired act as a support system of your company. Below are the services

  • Technical recruitment
  • Data management
  • Transcription
  • Legal
  • Content moderation
  • 3D services
  • Digital marketing
  • Importance of Outsource Back Office BPO Services?

    With competent staff working on your back office tasks, your company will experience an improvement in the following areas:

  • Human resources, specifically technical recruitment
  • Accuracy and speed of data entry tasks
  • Better data management
  • Accurate transcripts
  • Reliable legal support
  • Digital marketing processes
  • How Back Office Services help in Customer Relations?

    Every department in a company affects each other one way or another. It might not look obvious but there’s a direct correlation between the back office and the customer service department. Without an office support such as accurate database, the front office can’t function properly. It may even lead to low customer satisfaction rates.

    Outsourcing allows the company to reinvest their saved-up resources into other departments which generate revenue in the front office. With this, the front office can allot more resources and power in handling customer relations.

    Understanding Call center outsourcing In India and its effects on US economy

    Call center outsourcing in India is the business practice of contracting out call center services. Call centers handle all kinds of customer services problems, from your credit cards to appliance warranties. Companies outsource either in-house, through a separate division, or to an outside specialist.

    Call Centers is a place where large volume of request calls is received or transmitted call center in India are numerous as with opening of India's economy to the world, India's service particularly boom, Outsourcing to India was cheaper as compared to other countries. The low labor cost is what gives India the edge over other countries. India only spends 30%-40% of the total cost on man power, this includes employee training, incentives and other benefits.

    Call center has an open workspace environment for call center agents, each agent has a computer for himself, a telephone headset connected to a telecom switch and to one or more supervisor stations. They are majorly divided into two categories -

    01. Inbound Call Center

    These types of call centers only concern themselves with a majority of inbound calls. Inbound calls refer to those call which the customers place to the call center. Because of this nature of inbound call centers, most of them are customer service focused. Customer service outsourcing industry in India has a net worth of $150 billion.

    02. Outbound Call Centers

    These types of call centers do opposite of what Inbound Call Centers. Here, the call centers place a call to the customers, rather than the other way around, so the agents are for the most part of their day are making outgoing calls.
    This makes outbound call centers sales focused, when the agents are making calls they have a list of potential or existing customers and try and sell them the product that is already in the market or is new.

    The call center can either be inbound or outbound or a combination of both.'

    Outsourcing in India -

    Bangalore remains the most attractive location for outsourcing solution, along with Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Chennai, Hyderabad and Pune.

    Call center services in India has been one of the major service sectors which has absorbed most of the college graduates since the very beginning, providing them jobs and increasing their quality of living, many college going students work part time, to support themselves.

    Reasons for outsourcing call center operations to India -

    Allows you to lower the operating costs -

    Any reduction in overheads let's a company shift more revenue to operational growth, simultaneously freeing up your time, especially if the company is tart-up or a small business enterprise. Small business outsourcing can provide continuity, control on expenses and risk management. Setting up an in-house call center is a huge investment in infrastructure, equipment, staff, overheads etc. According to experts, outsourcing business process can reduce your expense by 50%

    Round the Clock support

    If your business operations and customers are outside of your time zone, it is much more viable to outsource you call center operations. Doing so will allow your customers which are not in the similar time zone as you to have their queries resolved. With 12-hr time difference, India is an ideal call center location to provide European and North American businesses with after hour support. It will not be realistic for many businesses to provide in-house call center service.

    Workforce is highly educated

    Indian Universities are not known for their highly educated graduates, that come into the workforce every year. Out of the total graduates, Close to 2 million are English speaking students, and approximately 75,000 IT graduates every year. This gives a great advantage for call center operations which require high quality workforce who are fluent in English language. This presence of large workforce is sometimes the USP of many IT outsourcing companies, due to this they can provide scalable services as and when needed by their customers.