Our Expertise

Our Expertise

In 2018, Kenico Global initiated its functioning as a firm. Since the initial launch, all of our KPO and BPO services have been in operation. Our core team of Kenico Global experts firmly believed that only the best talent would be hired to ensure the quality services. An overview of our abilities is:

BPO Services

Skilled and qualified agents:

we recruit agents with having minimum 6 months of experience in the same field and are qualified enough to fit into our industry needs. For senior positions such as quality supervisor, floor manager, quality analyst and others; a minimum of 4 years experience is required.

Capacity building of our team:

we firmly believe that capacity building is essential in favor of an organization that’s why we provide a routine training in an advanced manner to the team members. Agents are instructed to use genteel and polished language. For marketing and sales, we give our agents specific pointers to generate leads.

International accent:

We hire only those candidates whose communication skills are best fitted. The executives are well-versed in fair international accent.

All time availability:

Kenico Global remains operational 24x7x365 to give service anytime.

KPO Services

Delivery within time limits:

We strictly stick to the deadlines and work 24x7 to meet the targets. We have a history of time bound delivery service since our inception.

Assures error free delivery:

We have a rigorous quality assurance system present which helps to deliver error free services to the customers.

Skilled and qualified staff:

From accounts:

Our accounts executive has an experience of 10+ years in the field of accounting and finance. In addition to this, the other professionals in the same department are experts in accounting having experience of more than 5 years.

From HR department:

Our HR executive has an experience of 15+ years in human resource. Other HR professionals have also experience of 5+ years.

Clients’ pitch about Kenico Global:

From last 2 years, we have been using Kenico Global and it has saved us a lot of time, especially when it comes to data extraction and quality control of sales data. I can say with confidence that Kenico Global has become an essential part of our control of the sales databases.

I had outsourced 2 contractors before Kenico Global, but none of them had got me better leads. With Kenico Global’s excellent lead generation, my leads have been doubled and revenue tripled.

I outsource Kenico Global for record keeping and content development, their service is genuinely comprehensive.

The thing which fascinated me most is their BPO and KPO services are under one umbrella.