Our Technology

Our Technology

Kenico Global always gives its emphasis on technology. It is important to keep updated with newest technology in order to gain sustainable control. For this reason, we have furnished ourselves with advanced tools and technologies that can impel us to the competition with top service providers.

Our Technological Resources:

Quality of work place:

to reduce the unwanted sound, we have fitted noise absorbing machines into the ceilings.

Quality of phone:

The phones and headphones used by us are branded ascertaining the complete consistency in the value of the speech.

Quality of wire:

to ensure faultless wiring, we use branded wires for connections.

Computers/laptops used:

to ensure superior quality of service we use branded laptops and computers.

Complete data backup:

We run on two servers in tandem to take the backup of other synchronously. Thus we have complete backup of data every time.

Complete internet connection:

we use two internet connections simultaneously to ensure no breakdown of connection.

Complete mishap restoration:

we have a substitute support structure available to prevent the service delivery in case of any mishap.

Complete backup of Power:

in case of power cut, we have loads of generators to take burden of our workplace completely.

Complete security of data:

we prioritize your privacy. All the critical information is protected by passwords, and only selected managers can use that. Our team members are also bound by the privacy policies of the company, as they have already signed contracts with us.

Complete tangible security:

24x7 high security remains in our premises. Also, we have biometric – face detection technology to ensure that no other person can enter into the premises.