With the ever increasing number of 'no pay' customers, debt collection has become a key issue for many companies be it a bank, a financial organization, a telecom company or any other business. Kenico Global provides trained call representatives with excellent soft debt collections skills. They know to be soft and yet persistent with constant reminders.

  • Customized services for all your clients. The collections agents can be soft and authoritative depending on the type of customers they are dealing with.
  • Special care to ensure that no customer is ever dealt with bitterly.
  • Trained executives with dispute management and resolution skills to ensure the best possible outcome for your business.
  • Get collection status report at your convenience

Kenico Global makes sure that that debts owed to businesses and organizations are collected in time This helps businesses to strengthen their finances, augment their returns and focus on their core business activities. We expedite your debt recovery process and improve the debt recovery ratio while reducing unnecessary expenses.