Call Center

First let us understand what a call centre is. A call centre is a centralised office used for receiving or transmitting a large volume of enquiries by telephone.
Call center services are broadly categorised into two categories. Inbound and out bound.

Inbound services

An inbound call center receives incoming calls. The most basic characteristic of an inbound call center is that agents wait for calls to come to them instead of actively making calls. Inbound callers are usually seeking customer service, such as tech support, product assistance, or help placing an order. Because of this, inbound call center agents need to react with solutions to customer problems and requests quickly and efficiently.

Inbound services are majorly a part of post deployment maintenance or support strategies. In today’s world most of the services available in market need to have such strategies. The service can be of any sort. Hardware like electronics and furniture often tend to create some sort of requirement for which consumers call in to get rectifications. If the service provider is able to provide good and satisfactory solution to the consumer it adds a lot of value as post purchase experience of the customer. Non-physical services capture the majority of the inbound call centres. Imagine you want to change your mobile operators plan and you don’t have a customer care number. That’s how important inbound call centres are for today’s businesses.

Outbound service

An outbound call center is the exact opposite of an inbound call center. Instead of receiving calls, agents in an outbound call center make calls. Most outbound call centers are focused on sales. Agents have a list of contacts to get in touch with and they usually utilize customer relationship management (CRM) software to track and manage their interactions.

Outbound services also play a vital role in the business today. With the help of the outbound services we are able to gauge the customer reactions to various plans and schemes of the organizations. It also helps in understanding customer needs and can personalize the plan or scheme as per the customer’s needs.

Outbound services are comparatively a tougher market than inbound services as, in the inbound services mostly the agents are aware of the queries that the consumer might be facing. With the wide usage of the AI and computerised answering algorithms most of the queries don’t even reach to the agent and get resolved by the system itself.

Outbound specialized service for banking

In the banking sector, outbound services play a vital role. Most of the banking solutions provide various schemes and plans for the customers. A specialized team skilled with the knowledge of banking sector can provide Outbound services to reach the clients with specific plans and schemes. Outbound services in banking deals with bringing the most suitable and non-generic information to the prospect customers at the right time.

Call centers for small business

It is becoming more and more relevant for small businesses to have call center support. Infact, smaller business mostly do not have all the information the customers might need on the web. Also, it is possible that a small business might specialize in areas on which the client might not have enough information available on the web. In either scenario it is very important that your small business has a prompt and highly skilled customer support team which will help you retain your customers and convert prospect clients to happy and satisfied customers. After all, customers are the fuel for any business to grow.

We have deep respect for entrepreneurs who choose the difficult but rewarding path of bootstrapping a business. And we want to help you reap the rewards and see your company grow. In today’s era of complete professionalism and customer-centric world, every consumer demands spontaneous response, quality communication and productive results within the specified duration of time. But as a matter of fact, a lot of companies find it extremely strenuous to balance both companies work and handling customers because generally small scale companies do not hire enough representatives for accomplishing both the tasks. Fortunately, there is a quick fix to this problem. We here at Kenico Solutions and Services believe that with an increase in our technology and telecommunication business outsourcing can be the greatest solution for both small scale and large scale businesses to run the organizations effectively wherein a call center is the best that you can rely on. We have centralized centres which can assist you with all the inbound as well as outbound services.